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    I need to hold a gun for my father while he goes out of town. He gave to me to hold till he gets back from vacation. Problem, I don't like guns, This sounds like a dumb question!!! and probably is. But will the bank hold it in a safety deposit box??? If not where can I keep them, I don't want them in my home I have kids. Also how do you turn the safety on in a pietro beretta?
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    Ok figured out the safety part. Just need to know where to store these things??
  3. Eight


    store the ammo separately from the pistol. Make sure there is not a chambered round too... first rule of guns is that "there is no such thing as an unloaded gun"... if you learn that rule and learn how to know that the gun is not loaded you will be fine....

    shooting used to be part of physical fitness, it's a good thing to take some pistol lessons. You can learn to integrate acquiring a target, squeezing the trigger and breathing properly and once mastered, you can do some uncanny things with a pistol... it's no less zen-like than the zen bow...
  4. Do you have a license, and what's the local ordnance on the matter? Might be illegal to even have in your possession, for example, so even getting it stored anywhere could be out in said instance.

    Really should have asked your dad, *but* an anonymous enquiry to your friendly local gun shop may be your best best, if it's all above board most have secure armouries/storage, or would otherwise know.
  5. If it doesn't have one, get a trigger or a barrel lock NOW. Barrel locks usually have a cable that goes thru. It cannot be fired after that. A bit more secure than a trigger lock IMHO. Most counties have strict laws about having guns secured when there are children in the home.

    They are cheaper at Walmart, but go to a gun store and get them to put it on. Drop the clip (push the button on the side) and pull the slide back to make sure no rounds are in it. Then take it in a bag to the gun store.

  6. Mr. gibbous, you are assuming the weapon itself is legit legal.

    You are also assuming, said "thing" is a pistol, rather than a shotgun, which Berretta also make.
    Not often one hear's the full name of the make, but there it is.
    Beautiful shotguns, heirlooms even....unless one hates guns, of course.
    Concerned about kids, forget the gun, dump the ammo, if there was any. Guns don't tend to work without ammo. Safe as houses.

    Mr. Gibbous, we have been poorly supplied with info to assist, in my humble opinion.

    Best without further info, as stated, call your damn dad, zook.
    From a payphone......are they teenagers? Back of a linen closet , wrapped in a sheet.
    I am yet to see a teenager, ever, look for clean sheets to change their own bed. If one had disguised it as a massive bong, different story.

    Mr. gibbous, why would any father leave a firearm with a son whom (they must know, surely) hates guns, and by further extrapolation, has no license, nor clue?
    They are either
    a) To cheap to store it themselves, or
    b) It's shady, overall.

    Sorry, just watched Sherlock Holmes recently.

    I also watched "The Road" recently.....maybe he ain't coming back from holiday.
  7. You could be correct, but the chances are it is an auto pistol. But either pistol or long gun, legal or not, ya gotta lock 'em up if kids are around. Kids, esp older boys, are good at finding stuff like ammo.

    Only safe thing is to get rid of it, lock it in a safe, or lock the gun...
  8. Arnie


    Nice pistol. Just get one of these.

  9. I got one of those! 1911 45. At least it sure looks like mine (1940's US Gvt issue).

  10. Indeed, but don't you find it odd, said dad left no instructions whatsoever?
    Or even said locking mechanism's, and keys? Further, Kids won't find ammo for shit, if they don't know about the piece.

    While I agree, locking dangerous stuff up is generally a good idea, the OP is either utterly clueless, or cannot use a telephone, and as such, is fishing, for whatever reason or another.

    BTW, any you guys tested those supposed "locks" with a metre long boltcutter?
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