Gun Grabbing Obstacles

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  2. Yeah the public mood regarding the 2nd amendment is quite different in Nevada and Kentucky than it is in New York, New Jersey, California and the DC Beltway area. If the democrats lose 6 seats in the Senate, then Harry Reid will be the minority leader and he knows it. I am sure he would be really pissed if an asault weapons ban passed the senate and failed to pass the house and in 2014 (when Obama will not be on the ballot and voter turnout is historically older and minority turnout tends to be lower) the democrats lost the senate anyways.

    The public's acceptance for gun control is not nearly what it was back in the early 1990s...when the first "Assault Weapons" ban was passed. I think that two major changes have had an enormous impact on how the public views gun control. The first was the Supreme court ruling on the "Heller" case. The second was the changes in the concealed weapons laws in most states. I used to go to gun stores and ranges in the metro Detroit area in the 1990s and you would see almost exclusively white males in their 30s, 40s and 50s. I was at one last week and a different one yesterday and half the people were young women in their 20s... whites, blacks and asians. Since police protection is non-existent in Detroit (except for the downtown area) a huge amount of African Americans now are getting Concealed Pistol Licenses. I have seen entire black church groups taking the concealed weapons courses offered at suburban gun ranges. These new licensees are not for the most part buying revolvers...they are buying semi-automatics...Glocks, Smith & Wesson M&Ps, HKs, SIGs and etc.

    The democratic party often accuses the republicans of being "out of touch", but on the gun issue, the extremist like Diane Feinstein are even more out of touch. They read some poll and think that most of the country want politicans to disarm them, and often times after incidents like Newtown there is a big spike up in gun control support, but will that emotion still be there in 2014? More likely than not, the pro-gun forces will still be fired up and angry and showing up to vote in 2014.
  3. Video footage of the 1992 South Central LA riots show Korean business owners firing round after round at the rioters. Law and order was essentially non exisitant in that part of LA for the riot's duration. Obama and his band of collectivists know this, and yet continue with this plan, even cynically using children to aid in their efforts to disarm. US is divided, and the administration needs to just let it go. Nothing good is going to come from their efforts, and will only cause the division to become deeper. More division is the last thing the US needs in this critical moment in history.
  4. This is a red meat issue for liberals. They can use it to gin up contributions from scared women and the like.

    Also, they see it as essentially no-lose. They will bellyache about it for weeks, then nothing will end up getting done because Reid doesn't want to force his guys to make a possibly suicidal vote. Then, the next time there is a mass shooting,a nd there will be, they can repeat the entire process.

    The whole reason people are liberals is to feel morally superior. For that, they need enemies. If everyone is "good", how can you feel superior? So every issue becomes a good versus bad morality play, with liberals of course wearing the white hats.

    The NRA is their perfect bete noir. Largely Christian white males from the South and flyover states, NRA members can be insulted without any risk of PC blowback. I can tell you from personal experience that even trying to have a reasonable discussion about guns with liberals is a waste of time. You might as well try to convince them to repeal the Civil Rights Act.

    Like so many issues these days, there is no room for compromise. Compromise is a legitimate tactic when both sides get something in return. With obama however, it's all take and no give. There is no room for compromise. It's a matter of how much are you willing to give up.

    On guns, the answer is not one inch.