Gun control toast

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    HAHAHAHAHA, watching the faces of all the people standing up there during obamas press conference right now is priceless!!! They tried every sleazy trick in the book, even with the full and completely biased backing of the liberal media they couldnt get it done.....

    This one is for you Obama :D

  2. Lucrum


    He'll already have the legacy of fucking up our health care system. Why would he want to add to that?
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    A couple things obama has already said in the speech that makes zero sense, first one "If we can stop just one death, we must do it"

    This is such typical liberal nonsense, so if we can stop one death, we should shit on the rights of 299,999,999 people, if one person is offended by something we must take it down and screw everyone else, in that case why dont liberals want to change the speed limit to 5 miles per hour?

    The second one, he called this "common sense gun reform" Actualy no Obama this wasnt common sense at all, and thats the problem you stupid shit head, the gun control bill proposed by the democrats would not have stopped A SINGLE MASS SHOOTING....... not even one, how is that common sense?
  4. Obama has got to be the worst manager / leader in this countries history.
    He has no clue how to negotiate.

    He had 80% public approval on some form of background checks and he couldn't even fasten 60 votes for something.

    Obama wants this to fail to help him in 2014.
    This will now be part of his war on women. Woman are strongly in favor of new gun laws. Over the next year and a half this will become an issue of the Republican Congress out to harm women.
  5. wjk


    They wanted it all.
  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    As I've said all along, nothing will come of gun control legislation.

    Now, maybe I can finally get some 5.56 without a scavenger hunt.
  7. Lucrum


    It is and it's even worse than that. Private gun owners were estimated to PREVENT well over 6,000 crimes in the u.s. alone, EVERY day. And that was back in 1997. Literally, private gun ownership and carrying them SAVES far FAR more children than what are killed by guns. The ignorant anti gun pussies are in essence demanding we lose more children to gun violence just so they can score what they consider another victory in their march toward total gun confiscation.

    They don't five a flying fuck about the children. They only care about forcing their anti-gun agenda down everyone's throat PERIOD
  8. pspr


    If he wants to save just one death he should bring back the horse and buggy.

    It's just the latest 'Obama Drama.' I hope this is the beginning of a long losing streak for the Ovomit.
  9. There was an op ed in the Washingtoin Post over the weekend pointing out how poorly thought out this bill was. It's academic now, but the authors laid out how the distinctions between who had to get a background check and who didnt were vague and could result in unforeseen criminla liability.

    Just one example, you could lend your buddy a rifle to go hunting, no check required. However, if he violated some hunting law, say he shot a deer one day out of season, then the exemption wouldn't apply and one or both of you could be facing jail time.

    In short, like all liberal anti gun laws, its main effect was to make potential criminals out of law abiding people, and for what? You know very wellif they had any proof that teh gun show "loophole", etc was a factor in violent crime, they would have inundated us with data. Instead, we got weepy parents accusing the NRA of wanting to kill children.

    Ironically, the NRA was the only group that advanced any proposals that actually addressed the problem. Obam aand his crowd weren;t looking for solution showever. They wanted political scalps.
  10. Obama's speech was painful to listen to, and in truth I turned it off. He wails about republicans not wanting to work with him, then he accuses them of wanting to see children killed.

    He is a total disgrace.
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