Gun control: some surprising facts

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    Germany has gun control, the US have not. As I lived in both countries and can see the effects, here's some real facts of the consequences of gun control. If you don't like facts, just don't read on.

    - Gun control will NOT solve the problem of gun massacres. In Germany, we had similar massacres by kids with guns in schools and elsewhere.

    - Gun control will NOT reduce the crime rate. There's about the same crime rate in Germany and the US.

    - Gun control will reduce the murder rate. The US have 4 times the homicide rate of Europe.

    - Gun control will NOT prevent you from getting a gun. You can get guns legally in Germany by being a hunter or joining a gun club, or get them otherwise on the black market.

    - Gun control will take guns away from the bad guys. That's because they are more expensive and harder to get. Contract killers still use guns in Germany, but burglars or street gangs don't.

    - Gun control will support more intelligent gun owners. In the US, gun owners shoot themselves with their own guns all the time. This does not happen in Germany.

    I could personally live with or without gun control, as I consider it not very important. This might be different for the victims. For me, the main advantage of gun control is that you can better fight back in a crime situation. If I confront a burglar in my home in Germany, I can just go after him with a broomstick. In the US, I would certainly not engage in a gunfight with an armed burglar.
  2. I hate to belabor the obvious, but your murder statistics need to be adjusted for demographics. The vast majority of our murders are gang and drug-related. Take away the urban, largely minority underclass from the US and our statistics on a lot of issues begin to resemble northern europe.

    You have no guarantee that a burgler won't be armed, but he has a very good idea that you won't be. The UK is notorious for this, with home invaders brazenly breaking into occupied dwellings, secure in the knowledge that they won't be met with deadly force. Even more bizarre, at least to Americans, if those UK home invaders are met with deadly force, the law is on their side and the homeowner is likely to face severe punishment.
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    Bat shit crazy to say the least. And it's what most of our bleeding heart anti gun loons here in the US would like to see as well.
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    I can't comment on the UK laws, but I can comment on similar German law. You're allowed to defend your property, but not with deadly force. You can arrest a burglar, but it's unlawful to shoot at him as long as he doesn't attack you.

    However, the law acknowledges that you might be in a panic situation. The juristic term is "Notwehrexzess". If you shoot an unarmed burglar, you will not be convicted, even though it was against the law. The only exception is when you're clearly not in danger. In a recent case someone shot and killed a fleeing burglar as he was jumping over the fence. That person was sentenced to prison.

    The life of a person, even a burglar, is assigned a higher value than property by the law. You can be of different opinion, but it makes sort of sense to me.
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    Thank you, brother Jcl.
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    Ah, brother AAA, brother AAA, brother AAA....
    Hold up a sec...
    What are you tryin' to say, brother AAA???
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    Or Northern New England where I will be moving away to ASAP. :)

    Id like to see those demographics removed in statistical format if anybody has em.
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    Brother Lukie, you are correct here.
    But, that's the only thing you're correct on, as far as gun control is concerned.:p
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    So you're prepared to correct my "wrong" statements with facts?

    Or just more of your uninformed opinions?
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    Gun control of course works, we have current examples of it. But society-wide it's too late, the genie is outta the bottle.

    Going further, I'd like to see the poor, who are probably going to really need them some day, and this includes the soon-to-be-poor (who may not see it coming yet), get ten times as many guns and ten times as much ammo as they have today.
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