Gun control killing jobs

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    The anti gun pussies aren't interested in facts.
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    And they're wrong.
  6. It's ironic that Colt, Ruger and Beretta all have large plants in some of the most ridiculously anti-Second Amendment states around. Springfield is based in Illinois, although most of its guns are made overseas I believe. S&W is based in Massachusetts, another liberal insane asylum.

    Beretta has been pretty upfront with the state of Maryland, saying they couldn't see making guns that the people who made them couldn't buy.

    These companies aren't huge employers. Beretta for example has a few hundred workers. The companies also have large investments in plant and equipment that theywould hate to write off. Killing a few hundre or thousand private sector jobs certainly won't resonate with democrats the way losing some government jobs would. They probably think the workers are republican anyway.

    Still, the Colt guy has a point. Gun buyers are increasingly political and aren't going to want to buy guns with "Made in" some antigun state stamped on them.

    So far, buyers have been fairly relaxed on manufacturers supplying government agencies in antigun states, but expect that to change also. Barrett of Barrett .50 cal fame was an early leader in that, refusing to sell or service guns from california agencies.

    I'm pretty sure Texas, SC, Florida, etc would welcome these companies with open arms and generous incentives.
  7. That's because they get paid to be stupid, something you willing do for free so it MUST be your natural state.
  8. of course not, they follow their hearts!! Their ideals and vision carry us forward into an ever-increasing state of well-being! Check any inner city and see how they have done so far...
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