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    "Ten years ago, Jay Shafer downsized to an 89-square-foot house and reinvented both his lifestyle and career in the process..."

    The new single man that doesn't want to be a slave to corporations has an option:

    I Looooooooooooooove it! :cool: Be tough to fit multi-monitors for a trader though...
  2. Did you notice that its on wheels.
  3. I do not see a shower. If it is outdoors must be tough in the winter.

    Curious what he drives around in
  4. Pricing
    These are approximate.

    Building it yourself will cost about $20,000

    Ordering it already built is about $46,000
    Building Plans

    If you're interested in building plans for the Tumbleweed Epu they're available at the company's website. The link will open in a new window directly to their Epu page.

  5. Maybe the future of Extreme Home Makeover . . . to see Ty Pennington yell out "Move that Bus " and reveal one of these to the excited family
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    Yeah, this is meant to be a house that allows you to travel.
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    No shower sucks, but then if you work out you can leave the showering to the health club. A hot wet towel to wipe yourself down is fine until then. You can wash your hair in the sink easily enough.

    I really believe that all boys should have to live in remote areas away from anything hi-tech for two weeks of their life every summer. Reminds me of "Castaway"...
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    If you could build it yourself, you can save yourself serious money!

  9. good point. if you go this far to change your life you have to think differently all around. shower at the gym would be fine and save money.
    grow a garden and have fresh food for months out of the year also.
  10. where to get water and electricity?:confused:
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