Gulf of Mexico is rising in RADIATION rapidly.

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    There is a reason for all these years Saudi and Lybian and Egyptian and Iranian oil was preferred. It wasn't just easier to drill it was not get this : Naturally Irradiated.

    The NYT series launched Sunday (Feb. 27) with detailed accounts of radioactive wastewater, created by a Halliburton-developed extraction process called “fracking,” being dumped with impunity across the country. The article even included a “smoking gun” document, a “confidential industry study” from 1990 by none other than the American Petroleum Institute. The API’s secret study concluded that even with conservative assumptions, the radium in drilling wastewater dumped off the Louisiana coast posed “potentially significant risks” of cancer for anyone eating fish from those areas

    Oil companies know oil and gas formations contain environmentally high concentrations of radioactive material, and they know that the radioactive materials accumulate and become concentrated in the form of a toxic “scale” on pipes and other field equipment. What doesn’t become scale stays with the waste products that are dumped daily into the Gulf of Mexico, and as we now know, rivers which supply drinking water.
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    I just bought huge carton of halibut fish and I made sure it was Alaskan

    Guy offered me salmon but couldn't tell me where exactly it came from, I didn't take it :)
  3. I live very close to Gulf of Mexico and I never buy anything from there

    Also I never buy farmed fish or any seafood from farm

    I always make sure the fish I buy is wild caught

    Also, did you notice that lately most of the fish for sale is farmed not wild caught and that the proce difference between 2 is widening?

    Even in wholefoods, most fish are from farm.
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    yes. its sad.
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    Interesting. Apparently, coal is also radioactive.
  7. if that is ture, then how about the people bbq every week with coal? ( no sarcasm)
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    bbq w/coal?:confused:

    very hard to light and leaves a funny taste on food.
    CHARCOAL works much better. the diesel flavor doesn't bother me.
  9. Very slightly via traces of uranium, thorium, potassium 40 etc. Coal fired power plants actually release more radiation into the environment than do nuclear via radon going up the stack and the heavy metals in the fly ash. However it is too low a level to be considered much of a risk and other nasties from coal are far more harmful.

    If you want a level playing field (and safe environment), it would be only sensible that other energy industries such as gas, oil and so on be held to the same high standards as nuclear power.