Gulag, part 2

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  1. Come on, bash me. For telling things what they are, that is my 12 hour day (while only 8 of it at best is counted as work) being a "Gulag".

    And everyone except for my brother telling me I should be ashamed for not keeping up with it but even thinking about complaining.
    He's on the other hand overly optimistic in imagining a future where the people recognize us for what we are, slaves, and joke at the imbecility of what kept us reaching their enlightened potential.
  2. Problem's I, like you, have dozens of small minded but bodily gifted hunks who can put up with not 12, but 16, 18, 48 hours, without complaining, provided you get them a 5 hour break in between.

    And on the other hand think of me like Stephen Hawking. I've got some similar disease but gotta hide it from the hunks not from the point I'm gonna be annihilated, which I don't care anymore, but when my kid can take along. And that's 40 years at least if not 80.

    Once, when I read Gulag testimonials of the Romanian soldiers, I found one who said: "What chanced does a really, really intelligent peasant stand if he finds out he's in 300 BC?". Same as mine, I guess.
  3. Since noone said nothing so far I'm exercising my right of denying anything I said here has the slightest link with me tomorrow after I'm sobering up. EOM.
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  4. Haha...sounds like you've got a rough day ahead of you. I mean, who hasn't regretted a drunken forum post or two? Quite a bit of work to get in in 13 mins after market close!

    My unlock pattern on my phone is deliberately difficult for me to do when drunk.

    ...for reasons totally unrelated to this :rolleyes:
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    Ha! Thats gold Jerry! Gold!
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    “It's all right to sit on your pity pot every now and again. Just be sure to flush when you are finished."
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