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  1. any one want to be my guinea pig. im going to start taking accounts again and I need one account to start. I will guarantee all losses and will reimburse any losses after each month.
    1)$5,000 account
    2)no incentive fees, nothing.
    just want to start tracking results OPM for my CTA.

    if interested PM me. Im only looking for one person to get started. you keep all profits. account in your name. I will just trade it.

    Pat Rogers
  2. In my mind I can just see fingers flailing at keyboards across the nation trying to be the first one to respond. It is first come, first served, right?
  3. plugger


    Why not start with your own account?

    Nothing but trouble when you guarantee another person against loss.
  4. i do trade my own account! but I cant use proprietary results in my CTA DDoc.

    as far as risk of a guarantee, i will be the only one trading the account and if i lose I lose.

    Actually no one has responded so maybe no one thinks its a good idea.

    At least I tried.

  5. whats da freakin' point, u suffer losses u lose, u win u lose...sorry but that's an idiotic idea, whatever u aim.
  6. What kind of results are you going to be able to post from a $5000 account? What are you going to trade? 1 or 2 futures contracts? Who is going to pay any attention to that?
  7. I will trade 1 contract and I will start with one customer at a time. you cant get two accounts until you get one you can't get $100,000 until you show results for $20,000. clients are interested in VAMI and largest drawdown.
    this is the best of both worlds. I get to post results to get new customers and I don't have to worry about losing other people money. Because if the account loses, the loss is mine.

    if i lose, nobody will do business with me anyway. If I win, I get a chance to grow.
  8. I found a friendly ET guy who is willing to help me get started so I guess I ready to go. Thanks again for comments and for reading.
  9. Would you mind to share you result (performance) with us? So waht is your situation now? Still manage such first account?

  10. OP not been here for 22 months. Are you expecting a response?
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