guilt of all market participants from 401k investor to daytrader

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    a book can be written on this but I'll keep it brief due to short attention span of today's people. I saw today a really good discovery channel documentary that clearly showed people who produced viable alternative energy machines and products, but because it would revolutionize this world and put energy biz out of biz, it is being kept down in all ways short of killing the inventors

    Now this made me angry, I too pay gas, and electricity and it made me angry

    but now I realize that I am guilt just like the corrupt GOV and big oil executives

    I am a day trader, a market participant, I make money on the backs of new traders and on the backs of these oil companies and other large corporations, the reason I am able to make money trading is because these corporations find ways to pillage people and take their money

    and so some of that money spills into my pocket

    NO market participant worth his salt, would be a participant if the whole wall st wasn't designed by fat cats to strip the common (dumb) people of their money

    we are all guilty for everything bad in this world

    I am not saying quit trading, I am saying lets at least not lie to ourselves
  2. Only way for you to cure your guilt is for only you to quit "trading".
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    I always apologize for being born before placing every trade. It can slow things down and cost me money in a fast market but that is the price of understanding just how incredibly guilty I really am............
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    As a day trader, I make money by valuing companies.

    If they are good corporations and undervalued (at that moment) I reward them by buying their shares and if I am right then I get rewarded as well.

    If they are poor companies relative to their share price I punish them by shorting their shares and if I am right I get rewarded and they get punished.

    Think of yourself as a judge, rather then a pillager.

  5. It is doubtful you trade at all. Just another bitter, angry washout posting to drag others emotions into your own toilet.

    If you do trade, you should stop immediately to relieve your "guilt".

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    I would be surprised if any of the products shown on the discovery channel program were not scams or at least over hyped as to effectiveness . Con artists have been coming out of the woodwork for the last 75 years touting secret breakthroughs that violate some if not all of physics as we humans understand it. Oh WELL. Hope springs eternal that something new will come along and save mankind.

    More propaganda from Elite Traders "SOCALIST" traders who happen to make up 90% of the "Yahoos" on this site.

    Dig deeper and you might find that the OIL industry is funding heavy R&D in alternitive energy. If you even dig deeper you will find that many Auto Companies, Global and Local are looking towards Hybrid Engs.

    Competition will force these products to come on line.

    Do not kid yourself, OIL IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE BUT UP UP UP UP UP.

    So, the world will be forced to find alternitive energies for all kinds of functions.

    As the middle class errodes into proverty, building a larger "Free Loading" base of voters, they will have a collective voice to push for these alternitive energies.

    The funny thing is, Look what has happen with CORN? Funny huh, the Bleeding Heart Socialist and Eco-nuts have turned CORN into GOLD and have forced the "poor" to eat other grains.

    Be careful for what you wish for, because alternitive energies and Hybrids are by far, not Cheap for the avearge SIX PACK JOE and SALLY CALL CENTER MANAGER.
  8. As a daytrader, I feel NO guilt. I would feel very guilty if I were a politician or a clergy man. Being a member of either one of our two major corrupt political parties or being a member of most denominations that I can think of, could pose a large burden of guilty. Being merely a market participant puts one a moral plane a little higher than most who participate in our political and religious institutions.
  9. APA


    you are all sinners and you know it


    For those who posted how this is socialist propaganda and for those who posted that alternative energy are 99% scams

    well how can you say when you didn't even ask for the link of that documentary
    For those who said, "quit trading" I say to that "you first"
    For those who said that I don't trade at all.........well how do you do you know what I do or not do
    but to me at least its pretty obvious that most traders are not philosophers at the same time, its a shame in my opinion

  10. Are you sure?

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