Guiding false belief of the extreme left.

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    Is that "equality"= justice and/or fairness. Therefore, it must be pursued and ruthlessly enforced. In reality that's not at all the case. In fact, often times "equality" is a product of unfairness and injustice in and of itself. Disparities are natural, and the left wing attempt to micromanage society into one identical, indistinguishable mass is a futile and authoritarian impulse. Discuss.
  2. All very true. But note that who and what they target for "equalization" is not random. The left seeks domination so they naturally target those who threaten their power or those who are capable of functioning autonomously. There are PLENTY of fields that are vastly unequal in terms of outcome, yet they are completely ignored (by the left).

    The one unifying theme I notice with today's left is that they target European derived peoples, specifically white Christians, at all levels of society. Leftist Ideology is to attack and destroy the solidarity (what little is left) of the peoples who founded and created western civilization (including the united states), and to displace them as rapidly as possible from positions of influence. The heart of "evil" that they target is the white Christian male.
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    You've got it backwards. Justice and/or fairness "equal" equality of opportunity.
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    The videos available via Google entitled "Total Onslaught" show that there has been a 1700 year attack on Christians!! Christians have prospered in recent generations and they are seen as being attacked for economic reasons but economics is just the excuse.. I'm so lucky as to know a few of the attackers personally. Their lives suck pretty much, that makes it a lot easier when I think about the ongoing attack that is not going to end in my lifetime... they are always surprised when they get attacked back though and are in fact, fun to watch sometimes... their little eyes dancing around in their heads when their illogical arguments get shoved up their asses sideways so far it makes their vision blurry...
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    you dont sound like a liberal or leftist now.
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    No? Mostly those born on first base would like to see everyone born on first base, but do those born on third base want to see everyone born on first base?

    Hopefully I sound like a commie now.
  7. Nah, it's necessary to point out that christianity, islam, poletheism, cargo cults and scientology are all cults, to sound like a real godless commie.

    The Romans killed jesus, on jewish hierarchical bidding.

    Big fucking deal.
    My vote? I say, humans cannot evolve to the extent we can get off this rock, if necessary, BECAUSE of superstition and religious bullshit.

    Translation? Humankind will be completely extinct within a thousand years. Because of said factors, not in spite of them.

    Of course, true beleivers WANT the rapture....hate to break this to them, but it's real cold in space, heaven does not exist just because you beleive it does, no.
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    So, you are resentful of people who have inherited wealth?

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    Your original post was written as if "justice/fairness" were the higher principles, and that the pursuit of equality could in some circumstances compromise those principles, right?
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