".....Guider?" be my Guide?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by xs900, Mar 22, 2004.

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    I seem to have been careless and lost a thread!

    I was reading it on Saturday, but now can't find it........I was looking to read the words written by: Roy, about some software that used volume as the basis of analysis.

    Did anyone "cut and paste" his responses?....If you send it to me, I'll explain why I would like to read it so much.


  2. Hey wasnt it www.tradeguider.com I think thats what your looking for. For some reason some people thought a person was advertising the site, I enjoy elite trader because of all the interesting web sites I have never heard of but when someone ask a question concerning a specific website some clown will start saying you work for them get this off the site blah blah blah. I enjoy finding new sites and many here have pointed me in the right direction, I say Thanks everyone, best of luck:cool:
  3. xs900


    Thanks bullmarket79

    Yes that would explain why I can't find the thread..........or the poster.

    I had read up to page 12 (I think) and had not responded, even though I wanted to..........I have been a long term user of the old software (VSA) and was cautious about: "been seen to advertise it"

    I have been waiting for the latest version (E-signal) for some time..........I think the delay has been caused by the illness of one of their team.

    I have no connection at all with the company and have not spoken with them in months. I have sent E-mails to them which have gone without reply and was pleased to see the thread and thought that I might learn of any progress which had been made. I read the first response and went for coffee, came back and the thread was gone, so I never got to read it.

    I have been very interested in trading for 15 years and VSA was the software which I liked best......I have not met any of the new people that are involved with the company but would guess that Roy (the poster) has never been on a traders discussion board before and was unaware of the restrictions (even though it says it in the small print - do we always read it?) he would probably feel hurt by some comments and responded in a generous way. I have spoken to him twice (2 years ago) on the telephone and considered him to be very open and honest.

    I am a private (independant) trader posting my thoughts and hope I have broken no rules with this post. I discovered ET only a few months ago and like it very much.........Trading can be a frustrating game but there are some very generous people on these boards.