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    For those of you that have built your systems and aren't using ninjatrader or tradestation, what have you used as you GUI? MFC, WinForms, ASP.Net, WPF?

    Also do any of you host your applications on a VPS or run it locally?
  2. hosted and locally. MFC... not big fan of it though, but since the GUI doesn't rank high on the list of importance for me, I never get around to swapping it out.
  3. locally and C++/MFC.

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    I'm new to trading systems and still doing alot of research at the moment. I have decided to build the system from scratch if/when i start and not use any existing platforms, some might say this is re-inventing the wheel but i believe this will give me total control over my system and i can extend it as i please plus go back and optimize stuff in areas that will need improving. If i get nothing out of this system atleast i will have refined my coding skills after years of working on this.

    I've thought to myself that if i had a system i would want easy access to it from anywhere so i assume a web based system hosted on a vps is the answer using probably or wpf/e.
  5. Toolbox,
    These were more or less the same reasons why I start my app some years ago. Now I’m at a point that I can think on new features and improve function. It’s working for me and I’m happy that I have done it – although it was surely re-inventing the wheel. But that was never an issue for me not to start with the development.
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    hey are you still using a sundial to tell time? abacus to do math? :)
  7. Working on it right now - first little steps, as I have a "day job" that takes most of my time at the moment (crunch time in a software project, another 4 weeks to go).

    After that i will switch back to 8 hour days, and that allows me mostly to start real trading then (which is currently totally stopped). I will spend the side time to learn trading and working on my trading setup (which incidentally may become a product - once I have the "core framework" lined up, I am possibly going to get that thing up with 1-2 programmers).

    Total .NET colusion in C# (obviosuly - I am a C# guy by now), using SQL Server 2008 as data storage in the backend. Planned is a client/server architecture, so that visualization runs on my client, data and strategies run on a server in a hosting server. Multi user, with different rights.

    I am not sure yet about how they will talk to each other. Naturally WCF for the "non streaming" stuff, for the rest I think of setting up WCF controlled TCP or UDP streams. This means that content setup and control is done using WCF calls, but data streams are direct and binary encoded ;)

    The visualization WILL be WPF based. I see no reason not to at the moment. Silverlight may enter in for some ASP.NET micro site, mostly to allow me to do some "emergency" control from my smart phone (stop strategies, look at P/L, close positions).

    At least that is the plan. If NT7 comes out well, I may actually delay that quite some time ;)
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    I'm planning to use a combination of C# and F# for the system.

    I'm still torn about the GUI, preferrably want something i can access anytime, anywhere and any PC and only ASP.Net ticks all those boxes but still not sure. Might go the silverlight route.
  9. @bidask

    yes - and it is fun to me.
  10. Considering that I'm a C# programmer....


    I tried out WPF... but the technology needs to be a bit more mature for me to implement.
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