Guest Posters?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by MACD, Mar 15, 2022.

  1. MACD


    Are those who have not "registered" have extended privileges to create threads and continue to post without any identity?
  2. ph1l


    The answer appears to be no unless you mean can one sign up without proving who you are.
  3. MACD


    Not sure why you replied to post to ET management? But :sneaky: Thanks
  4. MACD


    Point is someone who has a long thread about 900 messages is showing as "guest" with no info and profile shows just "Guest" No way to PM or other contact,

  5. Overnight


    Ahh. That's a @Baron question.

    The "guest" title has something to do with someone who especially requests their info not be shown or something? I forget the details.
  6. MACD


    Thanks @Overnight
  7. wrbtrader


    I've only seen two "Guest" members and both were normal members in the beginning. Thus, they had a profile.

    Then they begin acting strangely and not responding to other ET members.

    Next, they no longer wanted to be a member and something was worked out between them and ET management that allowed them to be "Guest" member.

    I think it allows them to return. It doesn't make any sense because a member can limit the viewing of their profile without being a guest member.

    Thus, there's something else going on outside of the viewing of their profile, contacting them, and so on. Maybe, ET itself can no longer send them messages like "alerts" and a guest member can no longer log in until they're ready to become a full member again ???

  8. MACD


    Thanks -- great explanation and from your own experience.
    Note that ET has not answered me.
    There are large threads on ET who the OP is a "Guest"
    Yet without paying any fee to be an ET sponsor they even pitch services.
    Oh Well, thanks @wrbtrader --You, for sure known as a very competent trader and contributor. ET should be very happy you are an ET member.
  9. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Guests are users that had their accounts deleted at their request. They no longer have the ability to log in or post but their previously submitted content remains on the site.
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  10. Pekelo


    Maybe it should say Banned and not Guest.
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