Discussion in 'Trading' started by MondoTrader, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. Guess? GES wide brand name, same store sales stabilizing , trading below book value and rising today along with the apparel group. Looks like it has a new trading range from 3.50 to 5.50 and its at the bottom and rising. Its kind of thin so not for scalpers but more for position traders or maybe a long term value investment.
  2. sammybea


    total volume today is 7500.. Has ET now become the same thing as a yahoo message board? I wish moderators can specifically ban this type of hype for personal gain. Possibly suspend accounts? This is the only way this can be controlled.
  3. regough


    After all the T/A and indicators and Fundamentals a good trade is still just a Guess. NOBODY (even the big guys ) know exactly which way the market(or an issue) will trade(otherwise they would own the world :) )

    Hopefully we make more good guesses than bad guesses(or we make more on the good ones than the bad ones).

    Glad someone brought this subject up :)