Guess Who's Paying For Dinner? Memphis City Schools Add Dinner

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  1. Guess Who's Paying For Dinner? Memphis City Schools Add Dinner
    by Wayne Carter


    * Memphis schools now offer after class meals to students
    * Students eat lunch as early at 10am, and go hours before dinner
    * Money for dinner comes from federal government
    * Some taxpayers say parents should pay, not the government.

    (Memphis -- 10/8/11) Students at Shelby Oaks Elementary are amoung those at 70 schools in Memphis now offered a a free meal after class.

    "Our fifth grade students begin eating lunch about 10 am. By the time they snack in afternoon they have a 4 and a half hour gap between lunch and snack." said Larry Hopson, after care coordinator at Shelby Oaks elementary.

    After care students are now are offered a meal between 2 and 3pm, the third served at school that day. Students are mostly eating salad and fruit, something to help hold them over until they get home.

    Parents say it's a huge help in their busy lives. "It does help me because sometimes I don't get to them until five or closer to six even.". said parent Alicia Pinkes.

    Money for the dinner comes from federal legislation approved last year. It earmarks more than $640 million dollars to adding this extra meal in schools across the country.

    "We need to do more in the United States for our children, we're sending so much money overseas.", said Jim Crain. "But I don't see putting the dinner out there, we might need to putin other programs, for kids who need it. But not for every child. Just for more deserving ones.", Crain said.

    School officials say the program is new and many parents may not even know they're providing it just yet, but it has been very well received by the students.,0,1290594.story
  2. Less objectionable than "blowing up Afghanistan".. then rebuilding the country with houses, roads, hospitals, water and sewer systems... all on US taxpayer's backs.

    :D :D
  3. Yeah but where does the welfare stop? It's getting to the point where parents' only responsibility is to produce burdens on society.
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    But not for every child. Just for more deserving ones.", Crain said.
    Just for the more deserving children....
  5. Ooooh... let me weigh in on that....

    People who produce a child which they cannot afford to support... then "dump the child on society to support"... SHOULD SPEND TIME IN PRISON!!! (Crime against society)
  6. We certainly don't want to encourage policies that facilitate the breeding of more Range Rovers.
  7. I hope they allow doggie bags. My uncle Joe is retarded and misses cafeteria food.
  8. I've always had that opinion. It's a crime against society and a crime against humanity. Use your dick responsibly or it gets cut off.
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    Actually, I don't have a problem with feeding people. It's the one thing I support about government handouts. So long as it is basic meals (no lobster, cavier, etc.). It doesn't cost that much to feed someone and the one thing people need to live is to eat regularly.
  10. Good idea. No "second offenders"... :D
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