Guess Who?

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  1. Can anyone here guess who this man is? You don't even have to guess his name, guess who his son is. His son is a globally famous singer/songwriter.
  2. captain who freakin cares? :D
  3. Lyle Lovett father? :)

  4. Have some meat so you not so angry.:D
  5. None of the above. I'll drop one hint, the son is mulatto, which I never knew and was blown away when I found this out, which is kind of the whole point to this exercise.
  6. Maybe Lenny Kravitz, or Bob Marley father?
  7. Damn fine rabbit you just pulled out of your ass!!!


    I figured nobody would get this. Good job.
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    guess who this is then....

  9. Bill Paxtons dad?
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