guess which country it is?

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  1. guys, guess which country the article below refers to. Many clues in the text should make it easy.

    Say for example that I had written an article that states that, in wealthy first world country X there are 380,000 homeless people, many of them mentally ill, starving and abandoned in sub-zero temperatures to live on the streets.

    Say then that I wrote an article that states that country X, the so called "jail capital of Western Europe" sentenced in 2006 alone a staggering additional 12,000 women to prison and that up to seven babies a month are born in jail where they spend their crucial first months.

    I could have written an article that stated country X, victor in the Second World War, had given refuge to 400 Nazi war criminals, with all but one of them getting away with it. Or one stating that the number of Indians who died while serving the country X, to build your metro and grow your tea, is so large it is simply unquantifiable by any historian.

    Or say I write an article about the 2.5 million-strong Indian volunteer army who served country X during the Second World War, where 87,000 of them died for their occupiers' freedom and yet until recently those who survived continued to be discriminated against in pay and pension.

    I could have written an article that stated that, in civilised country X, one in every 23 teenage girls had an abortion and in 2006 more than 17,000 of the 194,000 abortions carried out in country X involved girls below the age of 18.

    I could have written an article stating that country X, the human rights champion, not wanting to get its hands dirty, had resorted to secretly outsourcing torture to Third World states under the guise of rendition by allowing up to 170 so called CIA torture flights to use its bases. Or that country X' secret services unlawfully shared with the CIA secret material to interrogate suspects and "facilitate interviews" including cases where the suspects were later proven to be innocent.

    I could have written an article that stated that the country X of family values is the only country in the EU that recruits child soldiers as young as 16 into its Army and ships them off battlegrounds in Iraq and Afghanistan, putting it in the same league as African dictatorships and Burma.

    I could have written an article that states that country X either recently did or has yet to sign the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings, the United Nations Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict or the UN's International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families .

    I could have highlighted the fact that liberal country X is responsible for the physical and racial abuse of hundreds of failed asylum-seekers at the hands of private security guards during their forced removal from the country .

    I could have written about the countless cases of slave-like working conditions of immigrant labours such as the 23 Chinese workers who lost their lives in 2004 as they harvested cockles in the dangerous rising tides in Morecambe Bay.

    I could have written about how mortality rates from liver diseases due to alcohol abuse have declined in Europe in recent decades but in country X the rate trebled in the same period reflecting deep societal failures.

    I could have written about how in "Big Brother" country X maltreatment of minors is so serious that one in 10, or an estimated one million children a year, suffer physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect.

    Or that according to Oxfam 13.2 million people in country X live in poverty – a staggering 20 per cent of the population in the sixth richest nation in the world.
  2. UK can only be Uk. Indians served only for UK.
  3. They're such a pretty bunch.

  4. you need to get more sleep at night...