Guess what, the new study showing "no Antarctic ice melt" did not show that at all

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  1. Once again the huge-money interests behind the fossil fuel industry is spreading lies and deception about GW.

    "Our results do not change the overall conclusion that Antarctica is currently losing mass."

    Finally, one of the authors of the paper has just responded directly to the Register, saying the story "misled" readers:

    "Our results suggest that the rate at which *some* ice shelves are melting is less than previously thought. We did not question the overall conclusion that the Antarctic ice sheet as a whole is currently losing mass, which has consistently been concluded from several different methods.

    A few days after our article was published, a piece profiling our work appeared at the Register of the UK written by Lewis Page entitled, 'Antarctic ice shelves not melting at all, new field data show.' This is the equivalent of turning the statement "the cancer is not as bad as we thought" into "you don't have cancer."

    The severely distorted version of our study's conclusions then spread rapidly across the internet. It is a pattern that climate researchers have unfortunately observed many times, part of a widening gulf of misinformation between scientists and society.

    As one of the authors of this study, I can only repeat: this is not what we said. We have been misrepresented, and you, the reader, have been misled by some of those who claim - as scientists and journalists both surely should - to provide you with facts."