Guess the unidentified country

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pekelo, Aug 10, 2006.

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  2. Russia.
  3. The Albuquerque?
    Isn't that the one that was "nearby" when the kirsk sank?
  4. Political damage control would dictate the unidentified country would be one of our "allies"?

    Top of spying acumen list would go to Russia?, Israel, and UK? China?
    All of them have been caught spying on us before.
  5. bsmeter


    Let me guess. Another bitch from mossad. Notice how the zionist media never headlines stuff like this as


    There is way too much evidence pointing to the fact that the Israeli mossad knew about 9/11 way before it occured. I would'nt be suprised if they were involved in carrying it out either.

    On yeah, don't even bother looking for this in the American Ziomedia, especially nonesense outlets like Fox. It's already been "scrubbed" out.

    To think these bitches privately scream "next stop Iran". You Americans really are up shit creek and you either must enjoy shit, or you're too dumb to see what's going on.
  6. name's jewish but that doesn't point to mossad methinks... since we're guessing... would mossad hand out stuff to 2 other countries? which ones would that be?... how about the guy's got family / roots in russia instead?

    pekelo sir, whatsya guess?
  7. Pekelo


    Israel 80%, Russia 20%, was my guess....
  8. Probably not Israel:

    The charges include three counts of espionage, including a suspected March 2005 visit to Bahrain, where Weinmann tried to pass along classified information to a foreign government, the Navy said.
    You don't pass classified information to Israeli representatives in Bahrain, do you?

    Most likely Russia:

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- A U.S. navy sailor facing espionage and desertion charges is suspected of having worked on behalf of Russia, CNN Television reported Wednesday.
  9. bsmeter


    Dodo is hard at spinning his ZioNazi ( ZIOnism+ashkeNAZI = ZIONAZI ) wheels again. :D

    100 % it's ISRAEL!

    Do regular Americans support Israel?

    This is what a regular American has to say:

    It's only the psycho-evangelical christians, or the extremely politically-socially ignorant ones that actually do. Unfortunately, that's a lot of Americans right there.

    Most of us are not blind to injustice and oppression. Hell, we've been educated on the topic by the Jews shoving the holocaust in our faces all or lives. So we recognize an oppressive regime when we see one. In many ways, we live in one.

    Unless you live in Buttfuck, Oklahoma, go outside and ask as big of a cross-section of people as you can about their feelings about the middle-east. You will find the smarter, more articulate ones will usually sympathize with the Palestinian cause. Don't believe the Jew-influenced media about American sentiment.

    Looks like ZioNazis like DODO are slipping in their propaganda efforts!! :D