Guess the time of the PPT rally!

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PPT Rally

  1. 1:00-1:29

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  2. 1:30-1:59

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  3. 2:00-2:29

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  4. 2:30-2:59

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  5. 3:00-3:29

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  6. 3:30-4:00

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  1. Think everyone knows it is coming sometime today. What time will it be?
  2. NOT gonna happen today. the PPI number has spooked the market and just gave another reason to be petrified. DEFLATION !
  3. Market showing signs a rally is about to begin
  4. the only consistent trade is to buy 2 hours b4 the close when the intra-day chart looks its absolute worst

    then the huge funds step in and the market almost always goes green till the final 20 minutes where it will either:

    1. Surge 200 points till 4:04 (including virtual points)

    2. drop 200 points

    The volume is so high that its like a compressed spring. The slightest perpetuation of a fund transaction can trigger panic buying/selling and a 2% move in either direction
  5. Stok


    Is it starting? :D
  6. we got our double white candle, and volume is picking up on the DJIA

    yea this looks like it is
  7. Here it is!!!
  8. just short the spy or dow with a stop at 83.17 on the dow.
  9. shot intest is at record levels. most of these shorts will have to cover sooner or later on PSY DIA and QQQQ
  10. This is comical... market must end green so the media can push the news of the economy being on the rebound.
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