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  1. It's a rainy Sunday morning here, can't work the yard. Surfed all my favorite porn sites for arousing new posts. Mostly pretty lame. Especially ET's. What else to do? Start a new thread? But about what? Totally out of good ideas after eight years, if indeed any of them WERE good. They always SEEM to be when dead drunk.

    Wait a minute! Got it. One poster (among many, alas) terminally pisses me off! Let's play a guessing game! I'll give broad hints, broad enough so that each individual hint cuts across a wide swath of the population. But each specific enough that cumulatively they point squarely at one poster. And to keep our earnest moderators happy, I promise a deep remote psychological analysis of my victim. Insight relevant to the mind of an elite trader.

    Alors, pour commencer, the first clue: the mystery poster thinks his opinions are so important that he posts on average over three times a day. Who do you WANT to see post three times a day? The likes of ASusilovic, who enriches the site by pointing us to interesting and often obscure news, certainly. But not this guy! What he posts is only important to his own ego. His posts are the written equivalent of jerking off, and he gets it all over us.

    You may now guess. But my brush was so big that it paints a lot of jerkoffs here.
  2. LOL :D
  3. ehorn


    Not another self-loathing post I hope...
  4. My ears are burning for some reason.

    (Did you participate in my polls?)
  5. Thank you for the guesses, but not even close.

    Obviously humor is alive and well this Sunday morning on ET. Perhaps it is concomitant with having no life. I am thinking that bloated self-importance was TOO broad a hint.

    Let us add our second hint: contempt for the general ET population (not that it necessarily is unwarranted, but it IS rude).

    The psychological implicationis that this poster considers himself to be superior to most if not all of ET, and by extension one presumes, to humanity at large. Megalomania comes to mind, but be careful with this gloss on the hint, it might lead you ass-tray.
  6. I know who it is! But I am going to write it down on a note paper, and keep it secret, so you can discern it by osmosis, kinda like Kreskin holding it to his head.

    Oh wait, you already know who it is!

    Let me it the guy who _ _ _ _ _ _ for _ _ _ in the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _' _? And that constantly posts _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ comments about how others are always _ _ _ _ _ _ _ garbage, that indicate they are _ _ _- _ _ _ _ _ _ _?

    Aha! I thought so!

    He is irratating, isn't he?

    When you are finished having your fun lambasting this most obnoxious (thats noxious times2), will you consider aiming your firehose at the circle-jerking PT crowd, and see if you can break-up the 'stuck-dogs' over there, as their 'back-to-back' constant self-engrandising posts clearly indicate they cannot seem to extricate themselves from their own pure 'bone-headedness'.
  7. Thank you, RDT, for your accurate deduction. Kindly PM me your guess so I can vouch for your perspicacity at the end. I would be happy to lambaste anyone you like who deserves it, but I do not understnad the reference to "PT." Potty training was all that came to mind. Please enlighten me.

    Your post was so good that I will fill in one of your lacunae, very clever of you to conceive that format. The third hint is that the mystery poster's favorite epithets, not necessarily off the mark, begin with "ass." And I am not referring to assassin or assistant or associate. No, this particular "ass" (dual meaning intended) belies an interest which is infantile at best and worse at worst. Not someplace I personally want to go, but "chacun a son gout."
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    I know, I know!!

    First name starts with "A"?

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    does last name start with W?
  10. A as in "Arnie?" PM me with your guess. You get credit at the end. And don't spoil it for everyone else! I have many more insulting hints to give! The game is only over when EVERYONE screams loud enough to hear from coast to coast, "Yes! He IS my favorite ET asshole!"
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