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    Reported tonight. Decent quarter. Interesting company/technology, cancer detection etc. Up just over 250% since the IPO last October. It closed near $77 AH's.

    The technology aside, I only point this company out because it has come pretty far pretty fast. I always assume some relatively smart people priced the IPO at a fairly reasonable price and now its at 50X 2019 estimated revenue ($130M)... which is pretty pricey.

    Better yet... IPO lockup expires 04/02.

    For anyone that cares... it might be good for the short radar and a decent scalp on a pullback as the lockup expiration approaches. I assume this is cutting edge bio-tech... but a business is a business and 50X sales, a 250% run in 6 months, and an IPO lockup that expires in 2 weeks.... looks pretty ripe.
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    $85 open.
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    Thanks. I will wait for the next low risk entry point. Do not want to chase it. Like the stockchart.
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    Just be careful... big pharma is looking for acquisitions.