Guaranteed Up Day: 4/22/09

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  1. Morgan Stanley/ Boeing/ McDonalds / AT&T will all beat in the morning and the government will come out with ANOTHER report saying all the banks are fine.

    Expect the banking index to be up 10% and the Dow to be up 3%+ tomorrow.

    Happy trading!
  2. I am not in agreement here. Neither of us know, obviously, but Geithner's responses today weren't fully dissected until after the market closed, and contained many troublesome comments that are only now being digested.
  3. Guaranteed...or what? What's your end of the deal if we end down?

  4. Guaranteed by the government!

    Thank Geithner and Bernanke for their lies.
  5. I must have missed the press release where the govt decreed tomorrow all indexes will be up! LoL

    You have a link to that?

  6. What makes you think earnings have anything to do with stock movements right now, eh chap?
  7. It won't be the earnings themselves but the spin from the liberal media outlets and government.
  8. bonds


    Dont forget WFC reporting too... im sure the market will be "shocked" with the good numbers and will take the market up with it
  9. That would be the frosting on the cake. They have already released their earnings. If the market goes up on that news we are ALL screwed.
  10. Guaranteed chit chat thread.
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