Guaranteed funds with Market return

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    Apparently ING Spain has a product that is basically a CD that yeilds 7% TOTAL for 3 years and you get 40% of any Eurostock 50 rise in the 3 years. If the market take a spill you lose nothng and still get your 7% over the term.

    Do any US banks offer these types of products and if so what are they called?
  2. I believe they're called Structured Products...see for details.
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    Thanks, thats what they are. How can they guarantee initial investment plus interest AND allow you to participate in market upside?
  4. My guess is by investing 60% in bonds and 40% in broad indexes. Or something like that.
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    Guaranteed payout is less than what market offers. Difference is invested in call options.

    This is something you can easily do yourself and get better terms.
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  7. A 7% total return in 3 years is only about 2% a year if the market goes down and if it goes up then you're only getting 40% of the gains.
    Sounds like these products are basically insurance products and of course no insurance company would ever write a policy that it didn't make money off of.
    But you only need insurance if you're hedging against a huge loss. I guess one would be better off simply writing covered call options. Or you could eliminate market risk all together and just invest in a CD.
  8. Mvic, how much you get if stock market rises let's say 2%?
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    Apparently still the 7% and 40% of the 2%. What you are losing is 3 years of compuonding CD rates vs chance to participate in market for very low risk. I agree with BJL though, better to put the cash in CDs and put on a debit Call spread on the QQQQs each month or something like that with better results.
  10. Assuming the average stock market return is 12% annually it amounts to the average return of 11.8% (7% + 0.4*12%) with much lower risk. I would take it.
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