Guaranteed 25% return per DAY on investment.

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  1. Here you go folks. Guaranteed way to make 25% ROI every day. All you have to do is go to the bank and buy rolls of nickels The melt value of a nickle is just over 6.26 cents per nickel

    If you want 132% ROI and dont mind doing a little work, you can sort your pennies. Anything pre-1982 is worth 2.3 cents

    For every metric ton of nickels you buy from the bank and then melt down and sell, you make $9300
  2. I know a forex trader who guarantees 20% profit per month.
  3. You might want to price in the cost of leasing a refinery. Then consider the fact that melting down U.S. coins is illegal.
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    I know (hope) you're joking but it is illegal to melt down pennies and nickles.
  5. I'm not so sure he was joking...
  6. Actually, its only illegal to melt it down on a large scale. Havent you ever seen those machines that flatten pennies and make a design on them. Those are not illegal. Of course melting 1 metric ton of nickles would probably be considered a large scale. But melting down like 100$ of nickels probably wouldnt be.
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    This could be done as a business outside US territory(if that is still illegal, then by non-US citizens). The problem is transportation of coins, maybe a small factory located in the Mexico border could be an idea
  8. First of all, it is illegal to melt down U.S. currency, period

    Second of all, if you were to do it, where would you do it and how would you do it?

    Third of all, why would you melt down nickels instead of 1982 & prior pennies?
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    "La Zeta" would make you their bitch :D
  10. do you know what they do to nickel-melters in jail? :eek:
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