GTW (gateway)

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  1. Does anybody see news here? Bloomy is down and nothing on the wires. Was trading flat to down then popped 6%.
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    it was mentioned on CNBC but I missed the story...sorry
  3. arne alsin was on cnbc as one of his top picks for this year. if they do x and if x works out it could double bla bla bla. the guy did 2% last year in his fund.
  4. ugh...thx.. the way it moved I almost got my hopes up there was a takeover number

    Has been my largest holding for a 2 next week
  5. No news. They report tomorrow. Popping nicely.
  6. Forming the handle of a "cup and handle pattern" on a weekly basis.

    Feels good

    Still long a boat...

    Close above 2.44 and its off to the races.
  7. why would anyone want to buy gateway stock?

  8. Why would anyone buy any stock?
  9. Gateway is doing so poorly...countless investors have been burned going long on it
  10. 1-25-07

    Has been my largest holding for a 2 months.....

    Why dont you see where the px was in late November then tell me how burned I am...

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