GS's flip-flop to manipulate the market

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  1. July 13, 2009
    Goldman Sachs Makes Positive Comments on General Electric (GE) Ahead of Earnings
    $16 price target

    July 20, 2009
    Goldman Sachs Trims Price Target on General Electric to $13

    July 30, 2009
    Goldman Sachs Upgrades General Electric Co. (GE) to Buy; $15 Target

    It would be very interesting to check what's GS's trading book on GE.
  2. I guess they need the extra push to support this upside breakout.

    Someone needs to bomb their offices.
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    Can you provide links to those announcements?
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    Never mind I found it.

    I think some of these upgrades/downgrades are from different parts of GS. I think one was from London.

    I am not sure how this works. I presume that people within GS can disagree with one another. That seems healthy to me. What you are supposed to take away is not who the firm is that makes the annoumcent, but the analyst. I would not be surprised if two diferent groups within GS have completely different positions on.

    At the end of the year, GS cuts the bottom 10% of their work force (or more) no matter how well they did. These guys and gals are in competition with each other!
  5. Thanks for the opinion.

    My theory is: Who are they talking to? Who is their intended audience? I'm listening from the bleachers but I'm sure their comments are intentional and have a motive. We may be puzzled by conflicting statements but the comments aren't arbritrary.
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    I don't believe they are arbitrary at all. What I am saying is that there is no conspiracy. It is two different analyst within GS, one decides he thinks GE is overvalued, the other one thinks it is undervalued. That never happens in the market. LOL.
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    They (you know, they) have got to force them to seperate the prop trading division from the rest of the firm.
  8. Read the books on Goldman - their corporate culture is based on disagreement and risk management.
  9. Yet they'd be insolvent as of sometime last year or early this year had it not been for the cramdown - having the government cram down the throat of every taxpaying American that Goldman Sachs was going to get a giant ass pile of taxpayer money.
  10. exactly.. Gs did the sam ething i n crude about a month and a half ago.. everyone was shorting crude including goldman... then guess what.. oil ran about 3-4 bucks.. gs was obvioulsy down pretty good on the shorts.. so what do they do.. most likely revers and get long then com out with oil to the 85!!! crude jumps 8 bucks higher .. goldman sells all and gets short.. then crude falls 7 bucks lower.. lol .. I am never impressed with GS's trading profits.. they are a bunch of cheating lying punk geeks who the gov .. allows to steal since most are ivy league.. and politics and money are twins.. bunch of bull .. but i make mine.. so whatever goldman does does not matter to me.. but i do like to know what they are calling
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