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  1. This WAS a thinly traded stock and it was just mentioned in Barrons. Now its risen over 50% in a day...
  2. will keep going higher

    the short gap-up is very bullish
  3. Up 12 % today

    I know the short candle is bullish cause I know how stocks work
  4. 12 more percent today!!!
  5. The irony is that some obscure crappy penny stock that had already gone up 50% is your only successful recommendation. :p
  6. You guys are both idiots, the stock trades like 25k shares/day on average. Wow, an illiquid stock went up 50%?!? Tell me more, that's amazing....who would expect that?

    Seriously, you two are like idiot twins lost at birth sometimes. :confused: :D
  7. Its a shame when I have to hit "log out" to see the replies to my thread. Well, thats the last time I will do that, but I do have a reply.

    Money can still be made off of illiquid stocks, i.e. a stock that traders under 100,000 per day. I'll give you an example.

    Now, Im not promoting this guy's website or blog, but he has done very well with illiquid stocks. In fact, I dug into the guy's background using Google and he is for real. I seldom believe everything I read on a website but the guy does post his real name and I confirmed that he did graduate from the Naval Academy and some other information.

    He took 26000 to 44000 in 6 months. I think thats pretty good for a guy in his early 20s on stocks that are very illiquid. 69% return, 6 months.

    Some of the guy's picks I do disagree with, but sometimes this guy does hit a homerun or two.
  8. michaelscott, NO SHIT!!

    I've made a lot of money investing in microcaps. But to be surprised that a microcap stock is up that much with such little volume is retarded.

    There are illiquid micros that can move 1000% in a fucking what?!

    How small is your account actually? Maybe if you have a $100k account like stock_turder those stocks look great to you...who knows.

    You're not teaching me anything here...I was simply pointing out that of course an illiquid piece of shit will move a whole 50% on a Barron's what!?!?!?
  9. Up another 23%!!!
  10. higher yet again
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