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  1. should have posted this early... at 92 was a strong buy for today's move. long Nov ITM calls; short Oct otm calls; likely sees 98-99.

    Thereafter - any idea or comments if it reaches back to 140 by year end?

    never traded this one; but I added it this week.
  2. personally I like WFC and JPM more in this space, but I think it's a decent call none the less and see this sector rebounding in the next 6 months.
  3. Christmas rally. QE II in the UK. Sort of "announced" bank reacapitalization in Europe. OPeration Twist in Europe. BOJ is complaining about strong YEN. SNB has just released their foreign currency holdings.

    Perfect timing for some Christmas money to earn! :)
  4. Their warrents look tempting.
  5. You feel WFC and JPM are better for trading, or as an investment
  6. Well..both I guess. But I am referring more to an investment with time horizon of 6 months. GS led the financials last rally and I just think WFC and JPM are poised to lead this rally. With the emphasis on JPM