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  1. GG1972


    Chicken's coming home to roost-SEC charges GS with fraud in CDO's
  2. Illum


    I cant believe it. The sec doing something?? It must just be a hand slap, I still can't believe. I came into this market at the crash and banged my head on corruption, now they may fix? No, can not be.
  3. muller


    Maybe a political thing.
    But GS got good lawyers.
  4. GG1972


    Maybe something behind closed doors might have happened between Harry Reid, Barney frank and Paulson that might have ticked off the congressmen and knowing Paulson and high haughty attitude, they maynot be so accomodating.

    Having said that I can totally see this settling with an agreement of "no admittance to wrongdoing" LOL
  5. GG1972


    Be very hard to get out of this without damage to the company, I mean the stock price and eventual long term damage to the sheild of " ironclad" Goldman Sachs can't do anything wrong-the era of invincibility probably ends today.
  6. muller


    You mean, no more GS influence over politicians? :( That sounds scary.
  7. not happy till Tony Mozillo hangs
  8. Sorry to get political here, but this would never happen under a republican administration...

    Just saying...
  9. GS crooks? nooooooo.

  10. GG1972


    Its like the talent pool for treasury secys dried up all of a sudden. :D :D
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