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  1. GS sent their people to DC to steal. So what? Who goes not have an hidden agenda when spending millions campaigning for a seat in Congress of only paying a few hundred grands. GS only does a "better" job than others.
  2. I agree they are genesis at deception.
  3. All of you rookies with 09 join dates need to get of the 'it's cool to hate GS' bandwagon.
  4. You are an annoying self-appointed site police.
    06 join date does not make you an authority on GS, actually I know more about GS than you can imagine. Because ....
    Well, it may be easier to put you on my ignore list.
  5. "Better" job. So true...
  6. Forto


    All of you '06 rookies... :p
  7. people that boast about how much they know, don't. It's like saying how you have a big penis....