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  1. GS tends to announce good earning. It has been trying to break $120. Looks strong even in a weak market. Good earning can pop GS $10 $15 easily. Buffet is smart after all.

    Draw the top trend line on daily chart we can see it looks good. I really thought it could break above $120 today ready for $125.

    Anyone trading GS?
  2. S2007S


    GS is headed back under $100 and eventually under $75.00.

    GS = SELL
  3. NYC212


    reason behind this? time frame?
  4. How much GS are you short, and from where?

    Please show us a screen-shot of your position.
  5. He probably isn't even short GS he's just a permabear on EVERYTHING.
  6. He asked "Anyone trading GS?". We all know you're not trading GS nor anything else.
  7. Goldman Sachs is expected to kick off earnings season on April 14 and return to profit after its first quarterly loss as a public company.
  8. Great call man. Stock continued straight up to more then $190 before settling back this year to $147.