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    Started accumulating GS. I think we are $17 from low, but $ cost averaging is best.
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    You think GS is going to 50? up already pre market
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    I think this market gets worse before it get better. Of course there could be massive rallies higher, and GS will participate in both directions. If my avg price is 50 and the stock goes to 25, and then back to 50, I break even. If you believe GS survives, it is a double stock from the time this mess ends.

    That means the market is essentially giving me a free call, I make the long rate, and I get 100% upside. So I am betting that there is no blowout risk.

    Note: GS earnings will likely be horrible. It is dangerous to be in the stock before then.

  4. GS has bottomed. Going to $300/share soon. Don't believe the haters. Buffett is buying so you should too.
  5. thats a brilliant strategy in a bear market
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    Added GS.
  7. It would only take one piece of news out of GS..some kinda of loss on a trading desk.. that could crush this to the 30's. There has to be a decent of hedge funds that are margined long on this and will get called.
  8. Why dont GS and C just merge up
    Like they were talking about it any way
  9. Weren't you buying MSFT @ $28?
    Why don't you just wait?
    GS MSFT and everything else is going to be cheaper 4-8-12-? months from now.
    Economy is going into the worst economic tailspin since the Great Depression.
    Stocks and the markets are going DOWN.

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    I bought and sold MSFT hundreds of times. I was selling the 28 line into the bear.

    Why wait? I am waiting. I buy at strategic points and I am happy to average in the position and sell some into monster rallies.
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