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  1. weld1


    something big is down 8.00 bucks , dow +180. could be a big shoe to drop as they say!!
  2. I tried to find the article but couldn't. I bought some GS but got out because of the report of the VW short squeeze. MS Investor relations came out and denied that they were in it. GS said they would not comment on it but the article said that someone on the inside said they were not involved. I don't know if they came out and denied it but that made me want to get out.

    IMHO, They can't officially come out and deny it if they are in it. Sounds like a lot lawyering to me. Council standing behind the IR directing what they are going to say.
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    this stock wants to drop and tries to with all of the stuff going on but it feels like there is an invisible hand (Fed) propping it up