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  1. long GS $225.00 no stop.
  2. good move

    will go to 260
  3. out $227.74. +$2.74
  4. Merrill: Alleged transactions would violate company policy

    Merrill doesn't believe 'inappropriate' actions occurred

    Merrill Lynch says WSJ story relies on 'unidentified' source
  5. nice rally folks!!
  6. thanks to the rumour mill, keep churning out the bs.

    gs $230.82.
  7. ess1096


    That BS stopped me out of my call position! :mad:
  8. Yeah this volatility was mad, when I saw it down $16.00 I had to take a stab. Good trading.
  9. GS is one of those stocks you have to hold for longer term. If you daytrade it you will leave lots of money on the table.

    When the dow goes to 14000 in a month GS will be at 260 or so. I'm sure you will make much more money just buying now and waiting than going in and out.
  10. Yeah but I like sleeping at night. I remember this at $165.00.
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