GS will beat earnings....

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  1. Watch and learn children.

    Mark my words and come back tommorow kiddies!

    ta ta
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    "TA TA"

    HAHA, is that going create the new bull market???


    Stop it, nothing is going to turn this market around NOTHING, they can try and do everything they can to prop it up this time and its not going to work, the dow is headed below 10k.
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    this is not the kind of market that brings out the honesty of cfos
  4. I didn't say anything about bull market or turning anything around.

    I am saying GS will beat estimates.
  5. Of course dow is going sub 10k, but GS is not part of dow. :D

    Goldman Sachs is an invincible company. It has insiders on the top secret Plunge Protection Team. They have unlimited access to the Fed discount window and are net short subprime. They control price action, and they are the de facto Fed. Their competition is getting slaughtered one weekend at a time. When the credit crisis is over, one financial company will remain unscathed and stronger than ever: Goldman Sachs.

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    GS is screwed...

    Market does not believe the Inv Bank model works in the new deleveraged market.

    QUOTE]Quote from simon1080:

    Watch and learn children.

    Mark my words and come back tommorow kiddies!

    ta ta
  7. They've really got to pull a rabbit out of their hat to do something big. If not, we might get a near term bounce, and continuance of trend (which is obviously down). The outlook is what people are going to want to hear. Blankfein has been calling bottoms all year, and GS has still continued to meander lower. They've really got to have on their rose-tinted glasses for tomorrow's outlook, or it's gonna get nasty.
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    GS should be careful or it will be reminded that it is Not Jpm
  9. we'r talking about Goldman sachs here people!

    The biggest crooks of wallstreet..
    If you think they are going to let the market hammer them down.. when their shares are trading at 130s ...

    You are mistaken.

    They'll cook the books if needed!
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