GS vs Gov't

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by nutmeg, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. With all the calls of pundits on impending doom.

    Then OTH, the natives are restless and want to kill all the bankers.

    If you had to choose sides, Goldman Sachs or the Gov't. Which camp would you choose?

    GS obviously wins hands down in mental horsepower. The gov't blaring ignorance. Why side with a loser?

    If we hang all the bankers (brainpower) we may destroy the only hope of getting us out of this mess.
  2. AK100


    a) not as many are as 'clever' as most people think
    b) look where 'clever' got us

    What the world needs is a return of the 3-6-3 banker -

    Borrow at 3%
    Lend to their clients at 6%
    On the Golf course by 3pm
  3. GS is parasitic, not benevolent nor constructive. Accept the "hell" that you know over the one that would be worse. :cool:
  4. Lethn


    I'd let them kill each other and then take over the country myself? :)
  5. TGregg


    Close. Help whomever is the weakest at the moment so the eventual winner is so weak he too can be defeated.