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    Question for some of you guys.

    I had a 74% return last year. I've traded my own capital for 2 years after leaving college. I never finished my degree though b/c I was making good money trading. I have a year left.

    Here's my question: I have a good friend at the GS trading desk who wants me to come in. Should I leave out the fact that I didnt finish. WIll they do a background check, will they scrutinize it?
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    Yes and yes.
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    They will do a background check and they will find out about it. If your friend and the managers know you didn't finish, then the background check is looking for criminal activities not checking out your education.
  4. So your intent is to BS about a BS? Brilliant move. Yes, they will get access to undergrad transcripts.

    Begs the question; what school?
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    Maybe you will be lucky, and the HR department wont read this thread!
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    know some of the hr chicks at gs for equity/fixed income desks. you dont have a shot in hell, unless you caddy for a partner and knocked up his daughter.
  7. GS is going to pull out a microscope and use it to look up your ass.

    College transcripts
    High School transcripts
    Trading account
    Living arrangements
    Legal records
    and finally they will give you extensive drug testing.

    Now, you sure you still want that trading job? :D
  8. Just about all Wall St firms will do the following:

    * They wiil perform a criminal check up-front for sure - that one is a no-brainer.

    * Further checks are highly probable - if not certain - later on, to confirm many of your details.

    * They will check (read: confirm) at least the last 5-years of your employment history.

    Moral of the story is, don't BS about anything. If they don't ask you a particular question then you do not have to volunteer any particular info. But don't be a BS artist, thats all. Emm..., it is certain that they will ask you about your degree - so tell them the truth.

  9. JJ, no bank is going to check his retail Ameritrade runs. Hilarious.
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    Well that's about the response I expected. The best thing to do would be to go back and finish that last year of school.

    Thanks for the replies....
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