GS top distressed debt trader quits; felt underpaid

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  1. Man's priority is only to his family; he made right choice.

    Anyway; GS makes stars; not the other way around.
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  2. old article man
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  3. good analysis from someone who has no real clue about how the guy's situation really was. :p
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  4. Cutten


    What's fabulous about retiring? If you have a healthy work/life balance, then you get to enjoy leisure AND achievement. Once retired, the only thing you achieve is to get old and die.
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  5. I remember reading this in whatever publication it was in over 6 months ago. LOL
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    Goldman Sachs is like the godfather of wall street..

    Goldman Sachs executives can call Bernanke, Paulson and they would answer the phone if they are still in bed!

    These guys working at Goldman Sachs wer giving the license to print money with the way these hedge funds and amount of capital they can access at super low interest rates. The risk they took are way too high for any lender in a regular bank and would ask 30% interest loan shark rates for the deals they were doing. These hedge fund had access to cheap capital that the normal investor or trader cannot have..they wer e giving the license by the FED to print money and amount or leverage they were using on 'borrowed money'...and we know what happens to over-leveraged positions in a blue moon.

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    these guys wer in loan sharking business when they bought bonds pay 30% interest.

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    I would never work another day in my life if I had 70 million. Travel, party travel :D
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  10. I can understand if this man was in his 20s or 30s or even early 40s, but he is in his late 40s with a family.

    He has more then 70 million probably. 70 million was just one year of pay and that cash was probably invested to make even more money.

    If I were him, at the age of 48, I would develop my family and slip into a quieter or more low key roll.
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