GS spreads rumours that they are leaving london

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    But I do not believe it. It is all noise to scare away potential increases in the US or elsewhere.

    They will not leave the UK.
  2. if it goes through it will destroy london as a financial hub.
  3. Daal


    Thats great, globalization at work
  4. UK...

    United ( hmmm seems good... must be peacefull )
    Kingdoms ( hahahahahahha )

    London is just a hub now... And in 10 years it will be seen as the last jewell of the "crown" to have fallen to stupidity...

    It must be very hard or nearly impossible for land lords to understand the digital world :)

    And how could a free merchant be happy to live under a crown as a subject and not as a citizen.... :confused:

    Do GS pay taxes that goes to the crown in UK ?
  5. They wont.
  6. Why not, what's so special? :confused:
  7. Probably won't do that, but would be a good lesson for government if it caused significant financial loss in tax revenues.
  8. This would put new meaning into the phrase "God save the Queen" now that Lloyd iis doing gods work.