GS reports Tuesday

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  1. Any predictions?

  2. Im long regardless (I know it will be a good ER regardless)
  3. What's ER?
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    Earnings Report
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    rumor has it they moved earnings to the 15th.
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    Don't see that...Fly On The Wall doesn't list that change.

    Those silly voices in your head? No, really, where? :)
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    calm down

    im not watching cnbc but someone said they mentioned it there..
  8. Lehman is up on Wed and another broker on Thurs.
  9. prediction:

    goldman will move around a little, and if it takes off anywhere, it will be to the upside: ~215 or so.

    But more likely: it'll be pegged to 200 at options expiration by likely by GS short volatility options traders themselves.

    I sold 190/200/210 Mar iron butterflies for 6.20 (short straddle 200, long 190/210 strangle). Hope to cover at a passover of 200 strike in the next few days.

    Also as a secondary position, I bought a few cheap 195 Mar puts for insurance, as well as some long 210 Apr calls. But much smaller. Main position is primary looking for the IV drop and no movement.

    I have a feeling they will allay subprime fears in this earnings call, and markets may be up sharply over this conference call.
  10. Loaded up 100 shares today.

    Even if it drops it wont go below 185 anyway. The upside potential is another 10-20 PPS. The stock is a juggernaut. Nothing can stop it.
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