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  1. mikeenday

    mikeenday Guest

    @ 130,
    bought for May, June and July
  2. Why?
  3. I'm not gonna pay a lot for this muffler.:p
  4. Because there isn't a casino nearby
  5. Any particular reason? Do you have reason to expect some huge move? The daily chart looks to be in a fairly slow downtrend and GS doesn't report until mid July.
    Won't time decay really crush you on those May/June positions?
  6. Hey, buying OTMs, you only need to be right once. Selling 'em, you gotta be right every time.
  7. mikeenday

    mikeenday Guest

    sold May130 @ 0.27
    must be early again, but it's close to 3X

  8. funny, i sold a bunch of may 135' open
  9. mikeenday

    mikeenday Guest

    sold couple more June @ 1.32,
    now everything left is free.
    3 June 130 puts and 5 July 130 puts.

    will let them run to expiration.

  10. mikeenday

    mikeenday Guest

    bought 5 more 130 Oct puts,
    I feel this could be my biggest winner this year.

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