GS put sellers , suicide watch

Discussion in 'Options' started by stock777, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. damn,.
  2. Yeah, no shite. I'd hate to log in and see -130,000%

    OMG :eek:
  3. how fun.

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  4. zdreg


    how many et posters are naked the above puts?
  5. it's only money jsut relax
  6. for that open interest at that strike, it would be a total of $14 million in pain for some fund or trading firm.
  7. lindq


    Which is why, when regularly selling puts, there is no such thing as a long cycle.
  8. joe4422


    Most sellers are going to be hedged though
  9. Eat like a mouse, dump like an elephant...
  10. What a lottery ticket!
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