GS now in the 60's, hoping to avoid the "LEH death spiral"

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by wilburbear, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Everyone is working late, downloading files, saving something to their brand new mp3 players...

    Even if I survive this round, what about him? What does he know? Had he ever peeked into our company secret book? If he got fired what would he tell about our company?

    Our company still has leverage 15:1, does that mean if the stock market drops 8%, we get wiped out? That math geek's desk is so clean these days, he goes out for lunch a lot, our future is in his hands. If he got fired, he can go to community college to teach math, what about me? Get loans from government to sit in his class? No way! I am going to sell my stocks before that geek...
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  2. I thought when I bought LEH at 4.60 I was clever considering LEH supposedly had direct access to the discount window at that point, possibly averting any funding crisis...

    See how well that rationalization worked?
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  3. It should work before Jan 20.
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  4. W4rl0ck


    No more help for GS after Jan 20?

    Just GS or all of them?

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  5. Food Stamps
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  6. Then get a position on you piker!!!
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  7. W4rl0ck


    Guess Jimmy Rogers call was right.

    He said he's still holding his Ibank shorts.

    Maybe this is part BO's big "crisis" that Powell was talking about.

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  8. Yes how convenient, Rogers is holding a another winning position. The next thing hes gonna try and tell us is he's long food stamps and making a fortune.
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  9. GS is unlikely to drop -50% from here. The Sage has 5 big ones in Goldie at above 100. Should something go wrong, he is holding aces: He has Obama in the White House now.
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  10. I couldn't agree more. GS has bottomed and it will go higher. Buying more tomorrow.

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