GS now in the 60's, hoping to avoid the "LEH death spiral"

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  1. Who would clear through these guys now?
  2. They can no longer make astronomical profits without the high leverage
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    I guess the truth is gonna come out soon about the amount of their toxic assets that were insured by AIG.
  4. Even with the shill Paulson in there they are farked.
  5. CNBC just said "we could be seeing the end of Goldman Sachs".
  6. Is buffett looking his age?
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    Nice. Buffet got owned badly. Funny that nothing can seem to save these guys even a 700 billion dollar bailout.
  8. Not funny - just reality.

    They've known the extent of these extensive worthless positions they've held for more than a year. Gov should've let them fail. They would have come clean real quick and wrote all that bad assets down, industry consolidated and by now be stronger than ever.

    GS - the last holdout - simply hid the same crap on their balance sheets longer than the rest. . .giving the <i>perception</i> that they were still strong - all the while HOPING these would return a small value.

    FAT CHANCE - down you go you government-feeding, citizen-pilfering crooks!

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    I've said this for a long time, while most of the ET sheeple just worship Goldman. All it takes is some brains and the ability to look through a financial report.

    However, don't make judgements too quick. The real brains behind Goldman have long made moves that were designed to let this collapse happen. They have been taking these "profits" and moving them into other entities which in turn have been buying up infrastructure assets.
  10. That's interesting, but can you give more details, or point to where one could find out? About the real brains moving into other entities, that is.
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