GS massive score

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  1. 145 calls only $2 and change at the bell.

    Now worth over $8

    10k = 40 k for the math im paired. Not efficient market wtf were they looking for 1 billion, 5 billion fine??? Guess so.

    They could have paid it off by trading their own options , and don't think they are beyond such a thing.

    Who needs to work for a living. besides the call and spread sellers.
  2. Josef K

    Josef K

    That's nothing. Check out the chart for the July 150 calls. If GS opens tomorrow at the price that it's at trading now, they'll be worth at least $3.13. Someone bought hundreds of them for $.01.
  3. Are market makers actually sitting there with thousands of contracts offered at .01? Hard to believe.
  4. Whoever sold those for a penny needs a brain transplant.
  5. why do options move so much more than the underlying stock?
  6. those were probably closed out as sells, doubt they were sold at 1 cent by anyone.

    looks like plenty traded at 5 and a dime though.

    thats why we are all rich, very generous mm's
  7. Josef K

    Josef K

    There are options offered at $.01. See the attached picture of the GS option chain. I don't know what the 150's were offered at this morning, but given that GS was trading below $139 and that this is the day before expiration, it is not improbable that the offer or maybe the bid was just $.01.
  8. GS getting off the hook here once again.....I mean, 3 months back, SEC came out and said they have all the evidences right? GS will likely get off the hook for about $1Billion..... what a joke.
  9. May be some inside trading and some know the news. Volume of many options much more than open interest !!!!

  10. also very convinient how these announcements have been the day of or day before options expiration, makes it pretty cheap to turn nothing into a few hundred million.
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