GS getting taken to the woodshed on Friday open

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  1. title says it all. the gold-gilded goldman sachs has had a rough couple of weeks. I wonder what type of shenanigans they got going on in there.
  2. Tears have been hitting the floor as empty boxes are being loaded up!
  3. Would those be them fancy golden tears?

    "If it bleeds, we can kill it...."
  4. the rumor is paulson stopped giving them inside info and they got no clue what to do now. On top of that they are being investigated by cuomo and the house financial committe. Just few weeks ago they were going to give out 14billion in bonuses. now they are saying they are going to cut bonuses by 70%. The management is scared shitless of lawsuits
  5. I'd totally be for a slaughter of these guys if it wouldn't take it's toll throughout the entire global system.
  6. Spare them not.

  7. I wonder how they will fare in this market without a former Goldman alum as Tresury Secretary?
  8. GS price action has been looking terrible for some time now. This used to never happen (market going opposite direction than GS). Interesting to see what's going to happen, where eagles once soared.
  9. what are the rumors?
  10. I don't know, maybe the realization that the "ultimate insider" Paulson is about to bounce, plus the GS job cuts, plus the increasingly pessimistic earnings expectations are finally taking a toll on GS.

    Who knows? The GS 100-120 calls were pretty active today, so one tends to wonder if there is some sandbagging (among other things)going on into earnings.

    All I know is the market ripped today, and GS fizzled.
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