GS eps estimates lowered over 50% the last 30-90 days!!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by S2007S, Jul 20, 2010.

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    Tomorrow morning before the bell gs is announcing earnings.

    EPS is for $2.04

    Revenue is for $8.99 Billion.

    gs Eps was lowered from just above $4.25 to $2.04 over the last month. Now who thinks gs is going to miss a number that was revised down 50%+ in only weeks. gs beats earnings by dollars not pennies. Seems like they lowered the bar by miles for gs to make earnings look spectacular for this "perfect" company. I'm sure tomorrow gs will easily beat earnings coming in well above $3.25 a share.

    Remember gs prints free money and doesn't have any losing days.
  2. Goldman Sachs Q2 EPS 78 cents vs $4.93

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    All down this morning after reporting earnings, I think they might sprinkle some rally dust on this market, I have that feeling they might take all this negativity and turn around to the upside by mid day.
  4. Dogfish


    They said they were short equities volatility which "hurt Goldman" when it spiked
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    They then clarified that they only had this position because their clients wanted the other side of the trade - and being Goldman the client ALWAYS comes first. Bunch of jokers
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    Lol even tho their trading made up 76% of their revenues last year, they really care about the wealth management side that makes up like 10%ish of their total revenues. Give me a break, watching GS is like rereading (start of underline)Liars Poker(end of underline).