GS Earnings

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  1. Thoughts on GS tomorrow?
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    aint' going to be pretty. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day. GS earnings and Fed meeting.
  3. Well obviously the number won't be pretty but how do you think market will take it? Already priced in? What if they surprise on positive side? etc. etc.
  4. is it this earnings that 130 mil$ eurodollar fat finger shows too? when ed moved 125 tics in a sweep a few minutes after the bond open
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    If I knew I would be a lot richer then I am now. This is one of the very few times I can say I haven't a clue what will happen tomorrow. Anyone else who doesn't have insider info who will try to tell you what will happen tomorrow is either a lier or ignorant.

    Its anyone's guess
  6. I'd estimate GS earnings at -$3.70 per share for the fiscal Q4.
    First loss in 80 years.

    It will be interesting to find out how much their balance sheet shrank. Estimates are between 20-30%.
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    Are you factoring in the government backed bond sales? I'm not sure how they would affect quarter's earnings, would like to know, but.. they sold quite a bit.
  8. market will surge on bad news as it has done since October 10th

    go long, buy all dips.
  9. I took GS short into the number tomorrow.
  10. if ti opens lower, it will be green by 10:00
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